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Don't worry Fixx it

Luk Fixx, Confidence that can't be erased in an active day 
Luk Fixx , Athleisure makeup with N-Proof Tech that ensures strong resistance over water, sweat, and oil during activities like Yoga, Pilates, Running and more.

Athleisure Makeup

in Cosmetics, Consistency is as important as Pigmentation of the product,
Luk Fixx is introducing the "Athleisure Makeup"
that focused on the sustainability after any type of activities that will stay 
no matter what you do or what you go through.

Luk fixx Athleisure Makeup

N-Proof Tech h

When building our fomula,
we concentrated on minimizing skin irritation and maximizing consistency perfomance
that has strong resistance over water, sweat ,and oil
Luk Fixx's N-Proof Technology is applied to all of our products for durability and resilience.

Artisans' Passion in Makeup

We pursue the philosophy of craftsmanship:
authenticity and individual creation of meaning, themes the find resonance.
A true craftsman will work until the job is done and done well.
Our craftsman will give you the product that best suits you.


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